Located in Santarém, in Portugal, “Alexandre Herculano Schools Group” was established in the academic year 2001/2002. This group is an organizational unit with its own board of directors and management that comprises the headquarter school “Escola Básica Alexandre Herculano” (Basic School, 5th to 9th grades, founded in 1987), 3 kindergartens, 4 primary schools and 3 primary schools with kindergartens, a total of 11 schools distributed over a large geographical area (urban and rural) somewhat dispersed that comprises about 1300 students. In Alexandre Herculano Group work around 160 teachers and 50 educational staff.

This Institution offers a diversified educational offer, which includes arts, technology and sports (eg, Techniques of artistic expression, Theatre – representation arts, Multimedia and various arrangements in the context of school sports), with a good level of qualification framework teaching staff with specialized qualification and increasingly focused on the use of new technologies for communication, dissemination and teaching. It has a Specialized Support Unit for multiple disabilities – an ICT Resource Center for Special Education which is very well equipped to deal with different problems.

While educational institution, we always try to develop and participate in activities that encourage autonomy and the growth of students as citizens and individuals of a global society across borders, fostering collaboration in scientific and pedagogical projects that promote citizenship and intellectual development. We believe the involvement in international projects will provide our students and teachers a contact with different social and educational contexts promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience, fostering the spirit of mutual aid and allowing their integration and promotion in Europe.



Located in Bagheria-Sicily, in Italy,  Ciro Scianna is a junior high school located in Bagheria, a seaside town near Palermo with a population of approximately 56,712 inhabitants. The school has 88 teachers and 773 pupils between the age of ten and fourteen. The students come from a varied social register and a mixed social background. Most of them come from a high-cultural environment but there are also students who have difficulty in adapting to school life: learning disorders, misbehaviour, school absenteeism and school dropout. Since 2011 our school has become a sort of Music Academy school where students – selected through annual auditions – can learn to play an instrument as an extra-curricular activity, choosing between guitar, horn, trumpet, sax and piano. We are currently trying to make Europe and the knowledge of foreign languages an important part of our everyday work as well as the ability of using modern technology. Many our students have special needs and for this inclusion, we want improve our digital skills, We use digital teaching approaches, learning on-line platforms, CODING courses and CLIL projects. Since 2013 we have been working on e-Twinning projects and we have received the European Quality Label for the project “Can you hear our music?”.



Located in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, SintLucas prepares students for pre-vocational (12-16 years old) and vocational (16-20 years old) education in the creative industry. The school comprises around 3200 students at two locations. In school, the pre-vocational department has a separate part at building and it hosts 480 pupils and they are supervised by a team of 50 members (teaching and supporting staff).

For a period of 8 weeks, students work on creative and general subjects. During the school week they also have so-called “GO -Hours” during which they work on a project. After a period of time, there is a project week where outcomes are presented, especially to the students’ families. Parts of the curriculum are within an international context. Since 2010, there have been international assignments from different angles. The strength of Institution lies in specialised areas such as the creative subjects art, 3d, design and media.



Základní Skola Komenského Trutnov, in Czech Republic, is a primary and lower secondary school located in north-east Bohemia in the second largest town of the region. The school provides education to children from 6 to 16 years and is currently frequented by 750 children divided in 36 classes (grades 1-9). The basic segments are common classes. The first class in each grade is a Sport class.

Besides sports (cross-country skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, floorball, basketball) which are the main after school activities our school is also known for its active non-sporty afterschool life (theatre lessons, school choir, ceramic lessons, drawing classes, chess lessons, guitar lessons).