Transnational Meeting in Czech Republic

The last Transnational Project Meeting of the Erasmus Project 4Elements was held in Trutnov at the Czech Republic on the 30th September. Participant teachers from the four countries involved in this Project were present at the meeting: the Coordinator of the Project and two other teachers from Portugal, three teachers from Italy, two teachers from the Netherland and two hosting teachers from the Czech Republic.
During this TPM several subjects were discussed: the final organization of the Project, some of the obtained results (the Case Study and the Memory Book), the eTwinning Project associated and the Project’s final report. Under the supervision of the Project’s Coordinator all partners contributed for the gathering of data to be registered at the final report.
At the end of the day and of the Project, all partners felt this has been a good collaborative Project that taught important concepts to the students and enabled teachers to analyze and implement a different teaching method: the Flipped Classroom.
All the results will be uploaded at the Erasmus results platform by the Coordinator so they can become accessible to other teachers in order to benefit other students.