Transnational Meeting in Italy

On September 10, 2018, the second transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project “4 Elements” took place in Italy, with the presence of the teachers representing the four schools involved. The following issues were addressed:

Structuring of information for the intermediate reports and the newsletter for the first year of the project – distribution of tasks and deadlines; Updating content for the project website; Schedule of mobilities for the year 2019: Italy, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic; Planning of the activities to be carried out with the students in the mobilities to Italy and Holland; eTwinning Plan for the second year of the project; Skype sessions and Definition of the major outlines of the “Case Study”.

Deadlines where established for the preparation of the Flipped Classroom lessons (according to what is established on the Working Plan) and also contentes:
1) Pollution / Prevention of Fire
2) Chemical reactions of Fire
1) Pollution
2) Sustainable energy

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