Learning/Teaching/Training Activities in Czech Republic

The second international meeting with students and teachers ocurred in Czech Republic, between 12th and 19th of May, at the “Základni skola”, under the Erasmus + project “4Elements”.

During the first day the project participants were welcomed by the headmaster Mr. Petr Horčička shortly after their arrival to the school. Then they were divided into three groups and took a tour of the school with Czech students being the tour guides. After the tour everybody gathered in the Biology classroom for the Earth and Geography presentations. Later the whole group socialized during Icebreaking activities, making a project symbol from the ceramics and rock climbing.

Tuesday was the only School Trip Day. The participants took a bus to Pec pod Sněžkou in the Giant Mountains, then a cable car to a stop at Růžohorky from where they walked to the summit of Sněžka, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. Along the way they observed geomorphological phenomena and fauna and flora of the mountains. They descended via Obří důl which was announced as one of the seven wonders of the Giant Mountains for its beauty and uniqueness. The participants gathered materials for future presentations and also worked on the tasks given on worksheets.

On Wednesday morning everybody gathered in PC classroom to work on presentations based on materials and experience from the previous day. Then the international groups presented their work in Biology classroom. After a short break the participants walked to the train station to go to Adršpach Rock Town which is an unusual set of sandstone formations covering 17 km2 in North-eastern Bohemia. The rocks have been protected as a national natural reserve since 1933, and since 1991 the whole adjacent region of Broumovsko has enjoyed the status of protected landscape area. The group took a tour thought the Rock Town to see the most significant rock formations.

On Thursday the project participants worked with soil samples using PASCO (technology-based solutions for hands-on science that provides educators worldwide with innovative technology and solutions for teaching science and full support of those solutions in schools). They made presentations about their results. Everybody also gave final touches to their ceramics products so that they could have been put to the furnace. After lunch the group played Earth Week GameFriday started with short presentations about Earth and history that were prepared by each country. Then the participants left by bus to visit Hospital Kuks which is a unique monument of central European town-planning, architecture and statuary art, originally comprising a spa, a chateau, a hospital, a theatre, ecclesiastical edifices and sets of High Baroque statuary. The only remaining remembrance of the old glory and monumentality is the still standing Hospital of Merciful Brethren, surrounded by masterpieces of European art – Braun´s sculptures of Virtues and Vices and also newly renovated herb garden. After returning from the trip the participants evaluated their stay in Trutnov then they were dismissed to meet in late afternoon for a bowling match and farewell dinner.s and Challenges.